Industry Marketing


Industry Marketing

Strategic marketing isn’t just about blogs, news feeds, graphics, corporate videos, and product brochures.  At Defensys we focus our efforts on the human marketing network.  We agree social media and content marketing is important.  However, the human network marketing is what gets contracts signed.  Everything else is just window dressing to what we believe is the most important piece to marketing: The Human Network Marketing.

Don’t forget that most of your clients who are decision makers are not on the social media platforms where you spend most of your resources.

Because we cut straight to the decision makers, we save you time, money, and reduce the frustrations from trying to turn each marketing dollar into one hundred revenue dollars.

We know our industry.  We know where to apply our marketing skills.

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  • Leads Provided By Clients

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Planting The Seed

With our network of strong advisors and consultants, we can plant seeds that can grow into large projects even in the most harshest of territories.

We Talk To Our Network

Most if not all decision makers like to have good ol’ fashion conversations in person and on the phone.  We do just that.  We ensure the end users hear from us when it’s the right time.

Utilize The Network

With more than 60 strong and strategic advisors and consultants, we can confidently say that there is no marketing territory that we cannot reach or help open up.

Watching The Opportunities

We don’t sit back and wait for opportunities to pop up.  We actively shape and facilitate to find the right opportunity for our clients.  We are constantly on the watch.

Humans Market To Humans

In this industry, it’s all about trust and loyalty.  This is why we make it a point to ensure we use solid human to human marketing to get the job done.  We don’t rely on “spam” emails to speak for us.

Locate and Identify The Lead

We work hard to constantly turn over every rock to help our clients find a real lead as fast as possible.  When we do, we identify it and work it diligently for our clients.

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Client Focused

We want to ensure we push and shape the product or service that you want to win with.

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End User Focused

We ensure what you want to offer meets or exceeds the end user’s requirements.  This is how we all win!

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Long-term Relationships

We want the next 20 years to be as amazing as the first contract win in year one.  Our goal is to win contracts for you every year.

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How We Do It


We listen to your desires and goals to ensure they become our desires and goals.

Assess The Market

We look to see where your capabilities, products, and services best fit in todays fluid market place.

Shaping Efforts

We start to get facts and details about your amazing solutions to all of the right end users who can benefit from them.

Get You The Lead

We identify the opportunity and qualify it as a real lead.  Then we hand it over to you so we can start to work it to contract.

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