Poland To Allocate BILLIONS For Defense Procurement


The modernization of the Polish army includes the improvement of troop capacity and mobility and air defense systems, as well as the development of a professional army.  Poland’s military has decreased from 450,000 in 1989 to 129,000 at present including 105,000 in the regular army, 20,000 in the reserves, and 4,000 cadets.  However, the Minister of Defense has decided to establish a new military unit called Territorial Defense Forces (Wojska Obrony Terytorialnej), and to increase the total number by an additional 53,000 troops by 2019.

Poland’s membership in NATO has brought numerous opportunities for companies in terms of upgrades and adjustment.  In addition, Poland became a close NATO ally in Europe through its support in the international interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, which also called for upgrades and adjustments in terms of developing a more capable and mobile force compatible with NATO troops.
Poland’s military is traditionally land force heavy.  Currently, the military consists of 47,977 troops in the land forces; 16,428 in the Air Force; 7,026 in the Navy; and 33,575 in other segments including, Reinforcements, Military Police, and the Polish Armed Forces Command.

The revised Polish Armed Forces “Technical Modernization Plan 2017-2020” comprises the following priorities:  Air and Missile Defense; Armored and Mechanized Forces, Navy, Cyber Defense and Territorial Defense, and involves the purchase of military equipment including:

  • Air defense systems
  • Helicopters (combat support, security, and VIP);
  • Integrated command support and battlefield imaging systems;
  • Unmanned reconnaissance systems and reconnaissance-strike systems;
  • Individual soldier equipment and weapons;
  • Simulators and trainers;
  • Air transport;
  • Modernization of army missile and artillery;
  • Armored transportation carriers;
  • Anti-tank missiles;
  • Combating risks at sea;
  • Trainer aircraft;
  • Modernization of Polish Armored Forces and Transportation Troops

This revised modernization plan was announced by the Ministry of Defense in November 2016.  The amended “Technical Modernization Plan 2017-2020” is based on three principles: assessment of Polish military needs, timeframe for delivery of equipment, and Polish industry participation. It has been noticed that the costs of individual programs set up by their predecessor have far exceed available funds. Thus, it was necessary to set new priorities.  These priorities include air defense systems, cyber security, and modernization of the Navy, Polish Armed Forces and Territorial Defense Forces.
Foreign investors and joint venture partners with local firms can take advantage of government incentives.  Many international businesses in Poland take the form of joint ventures with Polish companies and are specifically set up to handle sales in the market.  Joint ventures are an excellent way to facilitate export sales to the Polish market.  International companies competing on Polish defense contracts are encouraged to look for joint ventures, co-production, and other cooperative opportunities with Polish companies to make their bid offers more attractive. The relatively lower cost of production in Poland has led many foreign defense companies to seek cooperation agreements or joint venture opportunities with Polish defense companies that can produce equipment, which will be attractive to potential customers.  Examples of such products include tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, ships, aircraft, and helicopters.

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